New, improved Version 1.0

Bust a brick or 50

I always liked Buster, the human-analog "crash test dummy" used on
Mythbusters for various myth tests. But we are not here to bust myths
today, just bricks.

Remember the Golden Age of the Arcade, around the 1980s or so? It was
a pacman-eat-dot industry, where a game that didn't earn a quarter
every three minutes got removed and replaced. So, the games were built
to have lights and sounds to attract the player, and then to challenge
the player enough that he's likely to lose the game...fast. Still,
from time to time, a player would do really well and get on the high
score list and then type a swearword for his initials or something.

Buster! is of this type. You cannot blink or you lose! Can you play a
full three minutes? At least you don't have to keep feeding it

This game was a class project for the Udemy course at https://www.udemy.com/unitycourse.


The new (November 2016) Version 1.0 has the following features:

+ Destroy bricks in a puff of colored smoke

+ 19 handcrafted levels

+ 25 backgrounds (bricky-blocky themes are: city, lego, and urban ruins)

+ 20 songs for background music

+ Levels/backgrounds/songs cycle for neverending play

+ Levels ordered according to how long autoplay took to finish them
(75th percentile times).

+ 15 colors of bricks, four types (1 hit, 2 hit, 3 hit, and unbreakable)

+ Options menu to change music volume, sound effects volume, and to
switch between mouse and keyboard mode. (mouse mode recommended;
should also work with game controller). Options
saved between runs.

+ Use fire/jump/mouse button or space bar to nudge ball during play

+ Scales to many screen sizes and aspect ratios

+ Sound effects

+ High score is saved

+ Bonus points for clearing a level fast

+ 3 plays per "quarter", additional bonus plays at various score
levels, starting with 10,000 points.

+ See development progress at https://github.com/tdvance/Block-Breaker/commits/m...

To play:

Use Options menu to adjust music and SFX volumes and to use mouse
versus keyboard (mouse is strongly recommended).


move mouse pointer to set left-right position of paddle. Click
to launch ball and, during play, to nudge the ball.


Use the "mouse" mode. axis moves paddle, fire button for launch or nudge.


+ move paddle left: A or left arrow
+ move paddle right: D or right arrow
+ launch or nudge: space bar or left ctrl
+ move paddle faster or slower: hold down alt or shift

More information

Published Aug 12, 2016
AuthorTodd D. Vance
Tags2D, Arcade, blocks
LicenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
LinksHomepage, Source code


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Nice game, love the Start and Gae Over screen's, I might steal that idea lol. One criticism is the ball is too slow, only the weird bounces off the walls make it challenging