A downloadable game for Windows

You start in a room of a big cube.  Find your way to the center!

Mercurial Cube: A First Person Puzzle by Deplorable Mountaineer, built on Unreal Engine 4.


Move: WASD or RMB to move forward

Operate: (open a door or press switch to rotate the entire cube) LMB or E or F

Jump: Space Bar

Crouch: C

Quit Game: Alt-F4

Install instructions

Unzip the directory (MercurialCube), then in the directory, run the executable (MercurialCube.exe).


MercurialCube.zip 129 MB


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I actually had a blueprint that lerped the character's transform to the center of the cube it was in when the cube rotated.  I had to---without it, the player would end up stuck outside the cube.  I did have a sphere reflection capture in each cube (static, so the cubes rotated leaving the spheres in place). A line trace (blueprint node, Line Trace By Channel) allowed clicking on doors and buttons.

I enjoyed this game, there were some unique elements that I did not think could be created in unreal. Which those were with the mouse click and mouse trace. and I wonder how you kept the player in the center of each section without launching the player through out the level as the whole cube turns. For there was two section of the cube where I was lagging and thought I was going to be thrown but the (gravity tool?) managed to keep me in the center . Lastly, I like the Cinematic trailer in the end once we beat the game. Also Really nice Reflections with the materials, were those created in the material editor only or did your team use the reflection actors?